Why add a record company to a small distinguished book publisher? Well, the cheap excuse is that vinyl LPs and 45s are pressings also, just part of a different medium. And lots of lines are getting blurred in the media world. DWM Records brings together artists, musicians, engineers, and writers from different continents and musical styles to share their talents and to make music for the world to hear. For more information, visit our Talent page. 

West End

From Nashville to London to the West of Ireland — West End. In the 1980s, West End began as a vehicle for recording songs written by Kirk Beasley and Ray Perkins for a very ambitious recording project that never saw the light of day. In 2018, original band members Kirk Beasley and Bobby Ogdin, and original engineer Travis Turk, have joined forces with Tom Shinny, Bruce Dees, the legendary Mac Gayden, and others to play rock and roll and have a little fun. The album includes two bonus tracks from the original sessions over 30 years ago. And need we say, “Mixed Loud to Be Played Loud?” That’s West End.

Making a Fool of Myself

What do Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley have in common? Their sidemen played on Griselda’s album Making a Fool of Myself in 2018. Eclectic, engaging, charming, haunting, innovative, lovely, edgy, and romantic are all words that describe this remarkable recording project — and its remarkable artist.

America NA — West End

It might be Americana. It might be something else altogether. Not everyone involved is an American. Not all the songs are about the South. In the end it’s all about roots. Where are they? What are they? How does the music grow out of them? Those are the good questions. The answers are always in the music and the lyrics. West End brings the answers to vinyl. Not afraid to rock, with a proper dose of twang and a foundation set in the traditions of folk music.