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Three friends decide to make some music together. Not surprising. Bobby Ogdin, Travis Turk, and Kirk Beasley are all veterans of the recording industry and have been friends for more years than they would care to admit at this point. In 2018, as chance would have it, they began to work together on a very small recording project and discovered how much fun it was to work together again. Travis, Kirk, and Bobby are now producing several album projects and bringing together musicians and singers, some famous and some as yet unknown, from the US, UK, and Ireland. Spare Time Partners is the Music Production business that they formed to meld their skills as musicians, engineers, and producers. 

Parish Hall Co. provides all the editorial and book design services for DWM Press and has contributed significantly to the creation of the DWM Press website. Drawing upon decades of experience in the book business, Parish Hall has worked on projects as diverse as the New Interpreter’s Bible and a New England cookbook. To quote the folks at the NIB: “... a fantastic job of proofreading the NIB Revelation commentary … Your contribution to the project has helped to improve the commentary even more … Thank you for a job well done.” High praise indeed. And that’s how we at DWM Press feel about this very professional outfit.

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