In This Book and Other Poems, Deluxe Binding

In This Book and Other Poems, Deluxe Binding


In This Book and Other Poems, by Robert Coleman Williams.

The edition is quarter-bound by hand by Ludlow Bookbinders in book cloth with an artisanal paper that is a hand-decorated, wood-block Italian print. Each of the 50 books comes in a slipcase and is numbered and signed by the author. 

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DWM Press is pleased to announce the serial publication of the collected poems of Robert Coleman Williams, beginning with In This Book and Other Poems. 

Robert Williams, poet and noted scholar of both Dylan Thomas and R. S. Thomas, is perhaps best known for his A Concordance to the Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas. 

Drawing upon his Welsh heritage and a lifetime of work across the globe, the poems of Robert Williams reflect both his personal journey and the Celtic literary traditions of his forebears. Many of the newer poems are triadic in form, and those readers familiar with the Welsh and Irish languages will be pleased to see a robust usage in these contemporary verses.

"All my years as a scholar and then a publisher, all I did was to occasionally circulate small gatherings of poems by hand. Now is the time to have the poems published for a wider audience." — Robert Williams