Parable of the Rich Man, Deluxe Binding

Parable of the Rich Man, Deluxe Binding


Parable of the Rich Man, by Kirk Beasley.

The edition is quarter-bound by hand by Ludlow Bookbinders in book cloth with an artisanal paper that is a hand-decorated, wood-block Italian print. Each of the 50 books comes in a slipcase and is numbered and signed by the author. 

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Parable of the Rich Man, by Kirk Beasley, is a work of literary fiction that recounts the fantastic adventure of Brooks Patterson,  plutocrat and native of the cozy suburb of Excess, USA.

Brooks has struggled to maintain the family’s international business after the recent death of his father. The Old Fox, as he was known to friend and foe, was a publicity hound, bon vivant, and merchant of death. In his absence, Brooks discovers that while business booms worldwide, his own failing health and deteriorating sanity require a stopover in London in order to recover. But recovery remains elusive as London transforms into a liminal stage, where a kerb on The Strand might be the boundary between one world and another.

And Brooks sets out on that journey, a twenty-first-century man stepping into an ancient Celtic Wonder Tale where nothing is what it seems, where time and place are ambiguous at best, and so little is to be trusted. So there we find our hero, forced to choose between the certainty of despair and the uncertainty of life in the contemporary world. 

Perceptive readers have noted echoes of Chesterton and Kafka while the author signals us with glimpses of the prior art of C. S. Lewis, Walker Percy, and Thomas Mann.